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AL HASAN takes this opportunity to introduce ourselves and provide you with the following information about our Company and what we can do for you.

Established in 1998, we have grown steadily to become one of Qatar largest privately owned Transporting and Heavy Construction Equipment Supply Company. AL HASAN goal is to understand your business and provide a customized equipment supply and transport solution that includes; competitive rates, an authentic approach to real customer service and a proactive approach to meet your expectations. The business has been built on service and attention to detail employing only the best available Sub-Contractors and Company drivers, operators & staff.

AL HASAN offers our customers the fastest, reliable, safest and cost-effective transportation of goods and materials to any part of Qatar and focus on customer satisfaction and timely service. As a part of trust worthiness most of the Qatar-companies and other reputed clients like QATAR STEEL, MINISTRY OF MUNICIPALITY &URBAN PLANNING, ASPIRE ZONE, KATARA, QATAR ELECTRICITY AND WATER CO, QALCO, QAPCO, ISF and QVC Etc… for esteemed private sectors namely SGB, GULFAR, L&T, BIN OMRAN, BOOM, DOUGS, CHINA HARBOUR ENGINEERING CO LTD, and UPC Etc…, Engaging inland and overland Transporting, Equipment supply and General Contracting Services for well-known Government Companies etc… have been regularly entrusting their work with AL HASAN. We consider customer satisfaction as a bench mark of our success and we are in the process of continual improvement.


    AL HASAN Services

  • Inland Transportation of Goods and Materials
  • Overland Transportation to GCC and Middle East Countries
  • Large / Heavy Construction Equipment Supply on Rental or Permanent Basis
  • Sites Excavation and backfilling works
  • Earth Moving works
  • Crusher and Screening Works
  • Demolition Works
  • Road Construction
  • Underground Pipe/Cable Laying Works
  • Road Sweeping Work Contracting
  • Skip Removals Services
  • Portacabins and Portable Toilets Shifting Services
  • Sewage Water Removal and Dispose Services
  • Treated Water Removal and Dispose Services
  • Accumulation Water Removal and Dispose
  • Sweetwater Supply

    AL HASAN Features

  • All Operators and Drivers are Qualified, Trained and Certified.
  • Operators and Drivers Certified are TUV/TQS certified by Qatar Petroleum authorized training centers.
  • Operators and Drivers are provided with Defensive driving course and are provided with Defensive driving ID card with periodic renewal & violation holes.
  • Posses all certified lifting and tools and equipment.
  • We can deliver certified Cranes, other equipment for lifting and rigging with trained and certified operators.

    AL HASAN List of Equipment and Vehicles

  • 1. Mobile Cranes - (25, 50,100 and 110 Ton)
  • 2. Bulldozer - (Caterpillar D6R)
  • 3. Grader - (Caterpillar 24 H)
  • 4. Excavators - (Caterpillar 320 D and JCB)
  • 5. Wheel Loaders - (Caterpillar 960 F)
  • 6. Road Roller - (Caterpillar CS - 583 C)
  • 7. Mobile Crusher Unit - (Caterpillar IROCKs RDS-15)
  • 8. Backhoe Loader - (JCB)
  • 9. Bobcat - (Caterpillar 226)
  • 10. Telescopic Forklift - (Caterpillar and JCB)
  • 11. Tele Handler - (Caterpillar and JCB)
  • 12. Skip Loaders- 7m³ (HINO)
  • 13. Road Sweeping Truck with Equipments - (Caterpillar, JCB and TENNANT)
  • 14. Boom Trucks - (HINO, MAN, Benz Actros and Renault)
  • 15. Dump Trucks - (HINO, MAN, Benz Actros and Renault)
  • 16. Low Bed Trailers (with / without ramp) - (Benz Actros)
  • 17. Low Bed Goose Neck Trailers - (Benz Actros)
  • 18. Long Low Bed Trailers - (Benz Actros)
  • 19. Flat Bed Trailers - (Benz Actros)
  • 20. Sweet Water Tankers with Pump (HINO, MAN and Benz Actros)
  • 21. Sewage Vacuum Water Tankers (HINO, MAN and Benz Actros)
  • 22. Treated Vacuum Water Tankers (HINO, MAN and Benz Actros)
  • 23. Combined Sewer Cleaning Trucks (3000 Gallon HINO, MAN)
  • 24. Garbage Compactor Trucks (20 m³ HINO, MAN)
  • 25. Bus, Van, Pickup – (All kind of Companies)
  • 26. Mobile Workshop - (Nissan)

Our Major Projects